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Pink Dresses That Defy Everything You Know About Pink Dresses

It is entirely possible to wear a full-on pink dress without looking like it's "too much". It's all about the juxtapositions and not putting pink in a box.

As big fans of Legally Blonde – the musical more than the movie – a compadre and I decided to wear our fanaticism on our sleeves when the stage production recently landed on our shores. We were scheduled for the weekend matinee and made a pact to wear just a hell lot of pink to go with one of the running gags in the show.

The idea was meant for the jokes and giggles, but as the day went by, we both realised that, contrary to previous misconceptions held about being nearly top-to-toe in pink, the experience was rather enjoyable and we did not, in fact, feel like walking bales of cotton candy. We saw more women deliberately dressed in pink for the show. One wore a pink slip dress with sneakers. Another wore an relaxed, oversized pink pantsuit. Nothing about their looks were overly girly.

Then, I recalled the pink dress that Yoyo wore to Prada’s Resort 2019 show not to weeks ago. And a particular Celine dress from our street style study on Gilda Ambrosio. It is possible to wear that much pink without being too much. Even with pink dresses.

As always, it’s all about contrasts and (or) keeping lines clean. A comic book print all over. Cut-outs and oversized pockets. No details save for a high collar. Juxtaposing “girly” silhouettes on structured materials like wool-blends, linen and cotton instead of chiffon. Don’t put the pink dress in a box.

Prada sleeveless printed cotton dress

ADEAM asymmetric lace-up wool-blend midi dress

Attico tie-detailed crepe wrap dress

Carven asymmetric cutout cotton-blend chambray midi dress

Carven smocked silk-blend crepe de chine midi dress

Galvan silk-satin maxi dress

Nanushka satin wrap midi dress

Preen By Thornton Bregazzi silk-blend chiffon and crepe de chine dress

Rejina Pyo bow-embellished cotton midi dress

Three Graces London ruffled linen maxi dress

Zimmermann washed-silk wrap dress

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