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Everything You Need to Know About the Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons Union

The lowdown on a moment in fashion history.

When news broke that Raf Simons would join Miuccia Prada as her co-creative director at Prada this year, the countdown to what we had imagined would be a monumental moment in fashion ensued. Perhaps, a grand showcase at Fondazione Prada fitting for the coming together of two of the industry’s revered luminaries.

Last night’s debut, however, was a far cry from any expectations we might’ve had prior. But purely circumstantial. Since the announcement, a global pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. As the new normal would have it, fashion month for the most part has evolved into a mix of digital streams and intimate showings. Eros, the Prada and Simons debut took place via live stream on the brand’s website.

The collection of 40 looks is “an initial proposal, the first example of myriad possibilities, it propounds Prada as part of a dialogue between the different viewpoints of two collaborators,” read the collection’s notes. Just as it is “a fundamental examination of what is Prada.” This played out as an inquisition into a quintessential Prada uniform by chipping away at the excesses to get to the fundamentals. Here, a synopsis of the first chapter in the creative narrative written by Prada and Simons.

#1: The Prada logo takes front and center

In stripping back to the core of its identity, the Prada logo is a fitting place to start. Blown up in proportion and positioned front and center across the collection’s pieces and accessories, the house’s distinguishable triangle logo is one you could spot from a mile away. Rendered on otherwise nondescript ready-to-wear separates and nylon backpack, the logo is a badge of honour, if you will.

#2: One shoe fits all

Prada’s collections have been the birthplace of some of the season’s most exciting footwear options. This season, however, pointed kitten heel slingbacks are it. For what it lacks in variety in the shoe department, Prada makes up for in its range of colorways. Pink! Orange! Blue! Take your pick from Prada’s parade of sprightly hues.

#3: The turtleneck can be a whole lot more than blah

Turtlenecks are a default piece when the temperatures begin to dip. The wardrobe basic is hardly one that ever takes the centre stage in our winter ensembles. Prada and Simons, however, have us rethinking its appeal. At Prada, the staple piece was given a facelift in bright colours and edgy cutouts. These layered beneath sweaters instantly uplift any boring fall ensemble.

#4: The way to wear a coat is to hold it together with your hands

All of the collection’s coats were held together by hand. A gesture that very much speaks of a state of vulnerability in these unsettling times. It’s not the pearls Prada’s clutching, instead, it’s her coats. They are the cocoons of comfort that provide shelter from not only the weather but in the metaphorical sense, the cold reality.

#5: The show ended with a dialogue session

While there are reasons aplenty for why digital streams could never match up to being there in the flesh to watch a collection unveil before you, the question and answer session at Prada made up to some extent for the lack of intimacy. During the session, the pair discussed everything from the collection to what drinks they started their mornings with. Simons as we learnt, starts with a cup of coffee and sticks to a diet of Coke Zero throughout the rest of the day. Prada, on the other hand, begins hers with a cup of warm water.

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