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Prada Brings Back The Nineties, But Don’t Call This A Throwback

There was a tinge of old school Prada, mixed in with classic Prada and Prada moving forward. See 12 of our favourite looks from the fete in NYC.

The ’90s are back, care to join in? Miuccia Prada’s latest show in New York was not the sort that shoved things in your face, bang after bang after bang. Rather, it was the sort that seeped into your consciousness, where things start to unfold layer by layer as you notice the finer details.

Any Prada fan worth his or her salt would feel a tinge of nostalgia – real or imagined – from Resort 2019’s opening look alone: a simple, short-sleeved black knit paired with a sheer low-slung maxi skirt in chocolate brown. This is minimal, old school Prada from the late ’90s to early ’00s. Even the opening music, plucked from the soundtrack of turn-of-the-millenium Donnie Darko, kept to the nostalgia.

The ’90s reference was clear but subtle. Low-slung straight-to-flare pants and short jackets. Low-slung belted skirts. Really, the collection had more to do with a classic and beloved Prada staples seen through a more relaxed, easy set of eyes: repeated pattern prints, splendidly embellished tights, jacquard and just killer, killer shoes, all in an unfussy demeanour.

Miuccia Prada also brought her collection into today’s context, weaving in elements that the shopping crowd just cannot get enough of, mainly sport elements, logomania, unlikely headgear and second skin shoes by way of knitted, chunky-heeled sock loafers. The coats and jackets were fantastic as well. Prada has always been at the forefront of reinventing how logomania can look like, but her latest – glossy “PRADA NY 019” woven into jacquard pants and skirts – might be our favourite yet. Everyone else, watch and learn.

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