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Pregnancy Brings Many Changes, But My Style Is Pretty Much Unchanged

Comfort? Check. Clean-cut silhouettes? Check. Sneakers? Check, check, check. The sizes go up, but everything else remains the same.

They say that when you enter the third trimester, everything happens very quickly – and yes, everything is happening very quickly. One moment I’m chilling with the first trimester bump on the couch, the next moment I’m deciding on the wallpaper for the baby room and debating on which baby wipes are better.

With all these changes happening and still having to go about running a business, and the realisation that I won’t get to wear any of the clothes I buy now for at least a few months more, shopping for my now-self takes a backseat. It is mostly sneakers that fill my cart these days.

At the same time, I still want to look and dress like me. This meant adapting my current wardrobe for the bump instead of changing it completely. Most of the things I’ve worn in the last months – except for jeans and shorts that I sized-up on – were stuff I already owned pre-pregnancy.

Oversized anything are the main go-tos, especially in the recent couple of weeks, and I find these most in sweaters, button-down shirts and blazers, which come in handy on t-shirt and shorts day. Jeans can get quite uncomfortable at this stage, so I swap out for featherlight midi skirts in pleats, satin or velvet – elasticised waistbands definitely preferred.

Dresses are a far more common occurrence now compared pants. (If you are in your early months, tailored high-waisted, wide-leg trousers in an oversized fit will actually work terrifically.) There’s no need to cave in to shapeless dresses, however. My strategy is to look for soft dresses – like chiffon, for extra comfort – with bodices just above the bump line. This includes coat-dresses, but belted loosely. Straight-cut dresses can be surprisingly flattering, too, especially with contrast dart seams, but I size up accordingly so that I am 100 percent comfortable.

The best thing is that I will continue wearing all of these even after giving birth, because they were already part of my wardrobe in the first place. So, while pregnancy brings about many changes, my style and my wardrobe persona, I think, ultimately stay the same. As things evolve and I enter an exciting new phase of my life, it is still nice to have that bit of familiarity.

Exhibit burgundy tulle sleeve midi dress

Vetements oversized stretch cotton-blend shirt

MM6 Maison Margiela oversized cotton-terry hooded top

Tory Burch ruffled pleated chiffon maxi dress

Joseph cotton-blend turtleneck sweater

Acne Studios ribbed wool sweater

Prada Cloubbust rubber and leather-trimmed mesh sneakers

Raey roll-neck neck ribbed fine-knit cashmere dress

Vetements oversized checked blazer

Raey roll-neck neck ribbed fine-knit cashmere dress

Anna October double-breasted coated linen-blend trench coat

Marques’Almeida tuxedo coat

Valentino plissé striped stretch-knit midi skirt

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