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Psst, My Pregnancy Wardrobe Has A Secret

Oversized sweatshirts are comfortable, but I can't wear them all the time. For bump-friendly pieces that really don't break the bank, these are my unexpected go-tos.

When your body changes, so does the way you dress yourself. While my style has remained pretty much unchanged, the sizes still have to go up to accommodate my growing baby bump. (Almost there now!) Shopping for myself has technically taken a backseat, what with prepping for my boy, but I still need to, you know, have clothes since the old ones don’t fit. Sweatshirts are comfortable, but I can’t wear them all the time. So, here comes the dilemma: how do I get comfortable, nice-looking clothes that still fit the bump and not cost much since I’ll only be wearing them for a short period of time?

The secret: I found my answer first in the silky soft, striped red dress you see above. It’s from Mango and under $50. Then, I dug deeper and found more preggo-friendly pieces under $150, like this button down shirt, this wrap dress and this wrap coat that doubles as a dress. I’ve also been wearing this button-down coat that I got from Mango a while back. (Anything wrap has essentially been my favourite thing since the early months.)

ASOS is also a great place to look for affordable maternity pieces that don’t look maternity at all, since they take designs from their regular lines and change the cuts to fit baby bumps, though I like a challenge and opt to pick from the main collections. You can easily find suitable pieces under $100 or $50. Zara is a surprisingly good spot to look for “maternity wear” on a budget, too. Who knew? If you’ve got your eye on something fancier but still not overly expensive, try ShopBop, which carries brands like Free People that has many breezy, bump-friendly dresses in different lengths under $200.

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