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What To Wear Now That The Weather Is Out Of Whack

Forget sweater weather and think Singin' In The Rain meets Paddington Bear meets The Matrix. Odd mix, but hear us out for a sec.

One of the spoils – and “spoils” – of living in the tropics is that we get a hell lot of rain. The rain is great, because when it goes away, it leaves behind cool temperatures and trust me – we locals will take cool, damp air over the humid, hot alternative that our city is so famous for any day.

But, you see, when it rains over our little island, it pours. Like, days and days and days of rain. Massive puddles, nay, pools of water everywhere. It is also extremely unpredictable. There you are thinking that monsoon season is over but nope! The skies drops one on you in the height of the new year’s heat, takes an hour-long break, then drops another load. Repeat.

So, if you can’t beat ’em, enjoy ’em. Embrace ’em. You have to go out some time. Keep the sweaters for the office – it’ll do no good in tropical rain. Umbrellas are a must, of course, but if you really want to protect yourself from the elements from top to toe whilst telling the rain whose boss, you need more.

Instead, turn to three waterproof things that have been rising in popularity in the last two seasons: patent, PVC and PU. Remember when we used to wear waterproof bucket hats, raincoats and rubber boots as kids because someone decided that umbrellas were for grown-ups?

Bring that back, but five folds cooler. Logomania raincoats that come with hoods. See-through raincoats that don’t hide what you have underneath. Waterproof patent and vinyl skirts, trousers and bucket hats that raindrops will slide right off of. We’ll admit, it is a tiny bit more troublesome than just simply carrying a umbrella, but guess who’ll be dry as a bone as opposed to being soaked to the bone, all while channelling an odd but cool cross between Paddington Bear, Singin’ In The Rain and The Matrix? YOU.

Burberry Trafalgar Check-Print Folding Umbrella

Burberry Belted Rubberised PU Trench Coat


Gucci Embroidered Patent Textured-Leather Hat

Miu Miu Grosgrain-Trimmed PVC Trench Coat

Saint Laurent Theo Frayed Textured-Leather Ankle Boots

Solace London Ida Patent-Leather Midi Skirt

Tibi Vinyl Tapered Pants

Tory Burch Stormy Rain Booties

Jimmy Choo Edith Boots

Vetements PVC-Coated Printed Shell Hooded Raincoat

Vetements PVC-Coated Printed Shell Hooded Raincoat

Wanda Nylon Belted Rubberised PU Coat

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