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Reasons Why I’m Spending My Money At Bottega Veneta

Hurrah for all Philophiles out there, for not all hope is lost. Daniel Lee's new designs for Bottega Veneta keep flying off the shelves, and with good reason.

Ever since I saw the new Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee in Milan, I couldn’t get my mind off it. After seeing the intricacy and innovation put into the designs, one simply does not feel satisfied seeing regular basics anymore. And it’s not just me, the house has been hitting headlines and appearing in almost every Instagrammer’s feed.

If you’ve had time to scroll through the web, this is the It-bag of the moment. The fashion world refers to it as “The Dumpling”, but it’s really just called, “The Pouch”. This soft bag of leather comes in 45 variations, and for good reason – it’s a damn good clutch. It’s spacious without looking bulky, and can be held or stuck under your arm for that perfect effortless look. Maxi, medium or mini, take your pick.

That’s not the only good piece to come out of Lee’s contribution to the house. You see, he has filled the shelves with a crop of fresh, modern, minimalistic luxuries. His range of square-toed sandals went as quickly as they came, selling out in stores everywhere, and onto the feeds (and feet) of the It-girls. Mesh, chain, matelassé quilting, what else can you expect from shoes that flatter the wearer so perfectly? 

“If you loved old Céline, you’d love new Bottega.” While Phoebe Philo and Daniel Lee might share the same followers because of their minimalist-luxe aesthetic, Lee’s places craftsmanship high up on his list of priorities. His manipulation of leather – keeping in-line with the house’s DNA – comes in ways unimaginable. Chainmail, sculptural leather, quilted and padded. 

With fashion month coming up real soon, we’re ultra excited to see what Lee has in store for us all. For now, the popular stuff are mostly sold out online, so keep your eyes peeled.

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