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Is The Ring Bag Fall’s Answer To The Basket Bag?

We love the basket bag as much as the next girl, but fall is coming, which means it is time to FALL in love with new things.

The basket bag is the undeniable MVP of the summer. We’ve succumbed to carting out one or two ourselves over the last months. But as the last days of summer approaches and the sun begins to take things several notches down, the search for the next take-and-go bag begins. Our eyes turn to the ring bag – could it be the fall equivalent of the basket bag?

Like the basket bag, the ring bag has a certain carefreeness and ease. Just drop your necessities in and you’re out the door. No straps, no fuss. Unlike its woven predecessor however, the ring bag, particularly in metal, is more polished. More fancy and dressed up, if you will. While we’re not denying the versatility of a basket bag, a metal ring bag just looks more at home at a candle-lit dinner or a party. It will also go hand in hand with all the trench coats and boots you’ll be wearing once fall arrives. Plus, you can even play ring toss with your ring bag if you feel particularly tipsy and you’re out of drinking games. (We’re kidding. WE’RE KIDDING!)

The Chloe Nile is still one of the most covetable bags of the year, making it the crowning glory of the season’s ring bags. (We found two, over here and here.) But, if you’re not ready to say goodbye to that summer feeling, Simon Miller’s classic Bonsai 15 and The Row’s Market bags are perfect for that in-between period. Start your fall prep with the ring bag edit below.

Chloe Nile Small Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

Chloe Small Nile Patchwork Bag

Kara Ring Textured-Leather Clutch

Marni Pannier Small Circle-Handle Leather Bag

Roksanda Neneh Leather Tote

Simon Miller Bonsai 15 Mini Nubuck Bucket Bag

The Row Market Leather Tote

Valentino Bebop Chainmail Ring Clutch Bag

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