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A Curious Case of Déjà Vu at Hotel Vivier

Opera singers, ladies in cheongsams, casually snipping thorns off roses – all the tip of the iceberg at Hotel Vivier's vision in Hong Kong. Here's a what you need to know.

Welcome to Hotel Vivier, the brainchild of Roger Vivier’s creative director, Gherardo Felloni. You might have been expecting rooms that reflect Paris, but instead, we found ourselves stepping into the past.

Located in a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, the presentation felt oddly familiar, almost like déjà vu. When we were told that one of the sets was inspired by the works of famous filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai, everything clicked. As if we weren’t already impressed enough, the man himself had a say in the furniture pieces chosen for this very set. What a touch.

There were four rooms in total, each one representing different scenes of a story line: a garden room, an opera room, a calligraphy room, and finally, a dimly-lit bedroom, modelled after Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046 and The Mood For Love. There were even occupants in each room, from a lady snipping thorns of roses to a pair of Chinese opera performers, all of them gently prancing around the space – in Roger Vivier, of course.

Roger Vivier’s latest saw oversized buckles and elaborate embellishments like feathers, crystals and fabric roses. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Hotel Vivier’s opulent yesteryear theme. There was still that unmistaken elegance, luxe and sophistication that you’d expect from the French shoemaker, though. Still, Felloni didn’t shy away from colour, and incorporated rich jewel tones like fuchsia, emerald and sapphire.

Seeing Felloni’s vision of Hotel Vivier come to life with the incorporation of Hong Kong’s rich culture left us in complete awe. His attention to details made the rows of gorgeous shoes come to life in ways we would never think of. Roger Vivier is on a new path with Felloni, and we cannot wait to see what he has planned in the season to come in Paris.

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