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Anthony Vaccarello Has Found His New Saint Laurent Girl

And she's cooler than you'll ever be with a whole closet of killer boots and leather dresses to boot. See some of our favourite moments from the show.

The Saint Laurent show was something that Paris Fashion Week very much needed. An electrifying start to what eventually became a week of dreary, wet, single-degree weather. The open-air show space at Rue de Bellechasse was freezing (the seats were marble, but at least guests were given black and very chic Saint Laurent blankets) but the clothes and accessories that walked the raw, concrete runway were – to put it across plainly – hot, hot, hot.

Little leather dresses in shiny black and brown were the appetisers, each coming with either a side of sensual cut-outs, architectural ruffles or deconstructed shearling. That one-shoulder leather mini with what appears to be an oversized shearling sleeve was insane. A series of all-black and three electric blue looks followed, some lacy and flirty with an exposed ta-ta here and there, others boasting patent, statement sleeves and more of those sculpted ruffles. The vibe was nonchalant, but the thought and immaculate construction behind the pieces were apparent. Vacarello’s got one thing clear: when you’ve got a couture house in your hands, you use it.

But wait, the show’s not over! With the dimming of the lights, out marched a series of the new Saint Laurent girls in more black, this time illuminated by the shine of countless rhinestones on sleeves, lapels, shirts, collars and, sometimes, an entire dress. That rhinestone encrusted sweater and those matching rhinestone encrusted boots? Holy. Two of the best things we saw in Paris, hands down.

The spectacle marks Anthony Vaccarello’s second go since the exit of predecessor Hedi Slimane. But, with just two collections, we think the creative director has already found his Saint Laurent girl. She’s sexy and young. She’s confident but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’ll go to a party if you ask, but she’s no party girl. Instead, she’s the sort with the devil-may-care nonchalance, the enigma you just can’t figure out. Oh, and attitude? She’s got plenty of it. Saint Laurent’s back, you guys, and it is in full swing.


Photos: YOYOKULALA.com

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