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Where Fashion Meets Art in the Form of Sculptural Handbags

Find you a carryall that can do both – sit pretty on your shoulder and ace functionality. It's the most bang for your buck!

Rewinding the clock back to a little over a year ago, the questions you asked yourself before purchasing a bag might have fallen along the lines of how many things you could fit in there…or how much use you could get out of it. Fast forward the clock to now, your internal monologue probably sounds a whole lot different.

When we’re talking bags, functionality has officially left the building. The most-talked about carryalls of late come in micro-sizes – you’d be lucky if it could hold a card and some spare change. Ah, the irony. They do little else than sitting pretty but that has not stopped the fashion set from falling hard. Most of us would be charged guilty of cooing at every sight of a teeny tiny bag like it were a puppy. But as the love goggles come off with time and micro-bags reach the end of of its run in the spotlight, where then do we go from here?

We have the answer. Lo and behold: structural carryalls that triumph in visual appeal and functionality. Like modern works of art, (think: if Constantin Brancusi were a bag designer), these carryalls hang pretty as they serve their purpose. You wouldn’t have to make tough calls between your box of mint or cardholder. AND these bags perform stellar on the ‘gram.

Even when the novelty wears off, these aren’t bags you’d toss in the corner but rather the ones you’d wear till they tear on their ends. Scroll along for a curation of structural acquisitions to add to your bag collection.

Yuzefi Loaf Leather Tote

The Sant Kinchaku Mini Leather Tote

The Row Slouchy Banana Small Textured Leather Shoulder Bag

S.Joon Teardrop Croc-effect Leather Tote

Rejina Pyo Banana Leather Shoulder Bag

Little Lifner Camera Croc-effect Leather Shoulder Bag

Cult Gaia Astraea Mini Croc-effect Leather Tote

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