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48 Hours in Seoul With #DiorSplit

We were in Seoul for the launch of the #DiorSplit, but you know us – we squeeze R&R time out of everything.

There aren’t many fashion boutiques in the world that pass as must-see tourist landmarks, and among those that make the cut, almost all of them are original flagships from eons ago. That old-worldliness is part of the charm. The House of Dior in Seoul is kind of an exception, though. While Dior’s boutique on Avenue Montaigne falls into the aforementioned group – apparently, Monsieur Dior’s eager spirit still haunts the atelier from time to time, so that’s another tourist plus point – the Seoul flagship proves that new can also be just as good, if not better.

We flew to the Land of the Morning Calm to witness the launch of the Dior Split, the latest to join Dior’s family of futuristic, hotter-than-hotcakes sunglasses, and now that the massive House of Dior is up and running, Dior finally has the perfect place for it. All minimal on the outside and super sparkly on the inside with a hint of quirk (it houses the world’s only pastel-themed Cafe Dior which has AMAZING croissants, FYI), the Seoul flagship is, in a way, kind of like the Split and its shined-for-the-gods with a side of peekaboo quality. The boutique is also the first stop for Dior’s “Colours” exhibition, a retrospective on Monsieur Dior’s favourite go-to colours, told in a series of miniature dresses and preserved artefacts from the 1940s. Fashion history buffs, this is your kind of thing.

Of course, us being us, we like to squeeze time out of no time when we’re travelling. There’s always room for “me” time in our books even amid back-to-back appointments. You know we went nuts shopping for skincare and makeup in Myeongdong and sugar-loaded on cotton candy and soft serve in Garosu-gil. While Seoul-regulars will tell you to visit Hongdae and Eedae for some intense shopping, we also like the calmer Cheongdam for its numerous, NUMEROUS multi-label boutiques that sell everything from lifestyle goods and books to hard-to-find high street pieces. Garosu-gil is also the gateway to Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong-dong, where you’ll find cult-favourite South Korean labels and cafes that are halfway between cute and artsy. The South Koreans know the meaning of visual merchandising, so there’s plenty to look at even if you and your wallet are not in the mood for some retail therapy.

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