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Want To Party Hands-Free? These 25 Arm Candies Say “Okay, Let’s Do It”!

A good party bag leaves you with two hands, not one. Treat yo'self and shop our edit of the very best party bags, right over here.

When we think of party bags, the mind natural drifts to clutches. Today, we ask this honest question – why? Sure, it looks glam and posh carrying a little bag in your hand. But other than that, what’s the point of them, really? You can’t fit much in them because of how slim they are. Because it has zero straps, you’re cursed with the inconvenience of clutching it in your hand or under your arm the whole night. Remember that one time you tried to juggle a champagne glass, a canapé and your clutch? Yeah, not pretty.

The best kind of party bags are the kinds that fit only the necessary – phone, cards, key and lipstick – yet allow you to go completely hands-free. That way, you have more hands to eat, drink, dance and then some. Plus, if you do have one too many glasses of booze, you’re less likely to misplace your hands-free bag vis-à-vis a clutch. Think about it. It all makes sense.

If you haven’t settled on a bag for the festive shindigs to come, shop our edit of the best hands-free party bags in the gallery above. They double as conversation starters, too. When that’s done, click over here to read the rest of our holiday season survival guide, from the best gift ideas to recycling your party sequins post-party season.

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