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Shop: Our Ultimate Go-To Fashion Week Shoe Is On Sale

It's a Christmas miracle! Here's how you're going to pay for it – with a little something we like to call fashion math.

You’ve heard us rave about Saint Laurent’s Candy Bow platforms more than once now. An essential in Yoyo’s fashion week wardrobe, the Candy Bow is a combination of everything you’d want in an all-day heel. For one, the platform gives plenty of height without the pain. It also has a chunky heel for stability and a gentle arch – well, gentler than most – to ensure easy walking everywhere. Finally, the silhouette itself is simple – wear it alone for breathability on a summer day, or pair it with socks when the temperatures dip. Dress it up wth a cocktail dress, or down with a pair of jeans. If you’re looking for a new go-to heel that’ll take you places for hours on end, it doesn’t get better than this.

Actually, it does. Because the green velvet version of the shoes are on sale. Right now. At forty percent off. Right over here. Just look at it – it has “Wear Me To Your Next Party” written all over it.

The price is still a tiny bit steep, but it is all about looking at it from a different perspective, my friend. If these shoes are already in your cart and you need that final push to check-out, allow us to perform some fashion math so that you know how to save the S$900 you’re about to spend.

Let’s say you’re the sort who takes an Uber or a taxi at least four times a week. That already comes up to about S$320 per month.

If you’re having a kale salad bowl every other work day, that’s about S$144 in total, give or take.

Green smoothies are about $7 per cup, totalling up to S$56 a month.

If you eat out at a restaurant at least once a week, that comes up to an average of S$120 per month.

That morning coffee and granola cup before heading to work? That’s about S$12 every day, giving a total of S$240.

The remaining S$20 goes to your monthly online subscriptions. Or that quick manicure you just need to have every month even though it chips off faster than you can say “fast-drying top coat”.

Total all of them up – and you get S$900! If you decide not to get the Candy Bow platform shoes in the end, you still have S$900 to spend on good gifts, good food, good times or a good cause. You’re a winner, baby.

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