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Two Jackets, Two Very Real Problems – Help Me, Please?

We've got 99 problems and this jacket dilemma is the latest one. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

If you’ve been paying attention to our little “Picks of the Week” bar above, you’d notice that it features a certain extremely coveted denim jacket from Balenciaga. Yeah, you know the one. Oversized with a built-in off-shoulder collar so you get the whole off-shoulder situation without the discomfort? It was all over the street style scene at the most recent fashion week, and it is the sole reason why nobody wears their denim jackets without a sliver of shoulder showing anymore. Basically, this denim jacket is legendary.

With such a title comes a horde of eager shoppers clamouring for it like a horde of zombies would with brains. We searched high and low for the jacket during the course of Paris Fashion Week with zero luck. Ultimately, we resigned to just pretending that the denim jackets we owned were that jacket. Worked pretty well, actually. Slightly uncomfortable, but not too shabs.

Then, a couple of days ago, the jacket magically appeared online here. Overflowing feelings. Plenty of question marks. Should we? Could we? Dare we? It doesn’t help that Vetements – also manned by Demna Gvasalia, as you already know – started rolling out pieces from its epic collaboration-heavy collection. We’re talking about this hoodie in particular.

Obviously the hoodie’s pretty damn cool and a hint more functional in that it actually covers your skin, which is what a jacket should do. Plus, our pretend-Balenciaga jackets work okay. But still, it is THE Legendary Denim Jacket we’re talking about. Decisions, decision, decisions. How do you think we should go from here?

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