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5 Reasons Why The Boiler Suit Is Your Next Lazy Day Solution

Just put it on and leave. If it comes with pockets, you don't even need a bag! Talk about a win-win.

The ultimate goal when it comes to getting dressed is to look like you bothered to get dressed, but done with minimal real effort and actually looking like it was done with minimal effort, so you nail that whole “looking effortless” thingamajig that the street style pack does so well. Reality, however, doesn’t always pan out the way we want it to be. Late mornings, snooze buttons, toast in the mouth, coffee in hand, the same shirt and cigarette pants from last week, all colliding into the chaos we call a regular weekday morning.

Not two weeks ago, we compiled a little list of the things that’ll make getting dressed in the morning just a tad easier. Sweater dresses, mules, statement earrings – that sort of thing. In retrospect, that list was lacking. Good but lacking – because it didn’t include the boiler suit. First, we saw this Ganni boiler suit, followed by this and this from Apiece Apart. Then, all the boiler suits that we currently own suddenly started to emit light, as though saying “Look at me! YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!”

Thus, here we are. Granted, the boiler suit (or any jumpsuit, really) isn’t the most convenient article of clothing when nature calls, but the point of this whole exercise is to get you dressed and out the door in no time. Everything else, you’ll deal with it later. If you’re still unconvinced, here are five absolutely practical reasons to consider:

1. It is a one-piece, which means your entire look is covered. You can put it on with your eyes half closed.

2. If it comes with pockets, you don’t even need a bag. Hands-free like the fanny pack – but even better!

3. Despite how it looks, the boiler suit is surprisingly versatile. Wear it with a t-shirt underneath to keep things boyish, or wear it with a pair of dainty pointed mules to give it a feminine twist, or a button-down shirt to confuse everyone around you. Why am I wearing a button-down under a button-down boiler suit you ask? TO MAKE YOU LOOK TWICE.

4. It feels like a hug. Basically socially acceptable PJs, really. Particularly if it is this soft Exhibit one (which happens to be on sale, just putting it out there) or this almost 100 percent cotton Apiece Apart one. They’re both button-free too, which makes them perfect should a bathroom emergency arise, if you know what I mean.

5. It is all of the above YET still manages to look presentable and may even pass as corporate wear if your workplace is laxer than most.

I rest my case. Shop the some of our favourite boiler suits from the season’s new arrivals below, but don’t forget to peruse our list of five things that will help you get dressed on a dreary, groggy morning here.




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