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Your Sneakers Are About To Get Extremely, Severely Chunky

From Stella McCartney to Balenciaga, the dad shoe is back and it is about three times more intense. Do you dare?

What started the whole not-caring thing in fashion? At what point did we decide that it was okay to wear hoodies with cigarette pants and pencil skirts or suits with trainers? Was it Demna Gvasalia? Was it Kanye and his Yeezys? Was it the new guard of supermodels and their off-duty style? The not-caring trend seems to evolve with each season and this time, riding on its crescendo, is the trainer. Not just any trainers, ladies and gentlemen, but severely chunky and bulky trainers. If these were a box of fries, that’d be an extra extra large.

Sneakers and trainers have enjoyed immense popularity in the last two years. We crave a pair of white leather sneakers or classic Stan Smiths and Chuck Taylors as much as we want a pair of the season’s best boots. Of course, like so many things in fashion, there’s always room for the next thing. We don’t know if designers hold secret meetings in the dark of the night to collectively discuss trends – if they do, I hope they wear hooded black capes while at it – but it seems like they did with this one because chunky sneakers are popping up every which way. Vetements, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Yeezy, Acne Studios – we’ve lost count since.

Be warned, fair maidens, that these shoes are no joke. These bulbous, severe alternative to the dad shoe are so chunky, we believe you could actually club and concuss someone with it. Probably not so good for running, but definitely handy if ever you want to take down a snatch thief. Don’t we just love multi-tasking pieces in our wardrobe?

Trainers, like a white t-shirt or a white sneaker, are the sort of thing that anyone can handle. If you still need some convincing to give this trend a test drive, here’s how to pull it off: pair it with something remotely athleisure, or take the classic route with clean lines and/or solid colours. A sweatshirt and a skirt. A pair of vintage-cut jeans, cropped ever so slightly at the ankles. A suit worn with a t-shirt. Human Being of the Moment a.k.a. Millie Bobby Brown wore her Louis Vuitton trainers with a striped knit dress and skinny sunglasses. You’ll come to realise that anything and everything will go with it if you just let it. As far as we know, not all of the chunky sneakers have arrived at your local shelves. But, if you’re getting impatient and you’ve been looking for your next sneaker or trainer to love, get started on our round-up below.

Vetements x Reebok distressed leather low-top trainers

Stella McCartney Eclipse low-top contrast-panel trainers

Vetements x Reebok distressed leather low-top trainers

Acne Studios Manhattan low-top suede trainers

Acne Studios Manhattan low-top leather trainers

Stella McCartney Eclipse low-top contrast-panel trainers

Vetements + Reebok Logo Instapump Fury printed leather and mesh sneakers

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