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Are Big, Utilitarian Pockets Replacing The Need For A Handbag?

If you're as sick of sewed-up, shallow pockets and overcomplicated blouses as we are, get ready for a new age of practicality.

If you think you’re fashion’s most loyal solider, it might be high time to join the fashion army – modern utilitarian style. Utility themes were given a refreshing spin for Spring/Summer 2019 with a clean and fresh palette of white, cream, and you guessed it, khaki. We’re also seeing a lot of olive green and earthy brown hues, which we also love.

Some of our favourite modern utilitarian looks came from Fendi. Bags and pouches that were made into wearable belts, big pockets, and oversized sweaters paired with cycling shorts. It is everything our inner lazy and fuss-free personas are dreaming of. Dressing utility is about staying on point and polished even when you’re hustling and on the go. As demonstrated by Fendi, we can see how integral the big pockets can be in our future outfits when hot weather season comes around again. And, with oversized sweaters and cycling shorts, it’s all about never having an outfit malfunction when the wind comes along. If you’re thinking of jumping on this trend, you can say good-bye to chunky accessories that only add unnecessary weight and bulk. This is about form and function – the power duo.

The utility theme was also given a refreshing reboot by brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Max Mara. Expect to see bigger bags, longer shorts, and looser silhouettes in soothing shades of beige and taupe on the streets. Soothing earthy shades work beautifully as a summer colour palette cleanser. Browns and beiges in the spring? That’s refreshing.

With Ferragamo, versatility and function came in waves of belted jumpsuits and knee length pants. We also spotted the occasional safari shirt and trousers combo, all looking polished, prim and proper. There’s an undeniable sense of sophistication and comfort that comes with dressing utilitarian. Maybe it is the breath of fresh air that we all need from the bolder coloured trends before, or maybe it’s Normcore 2.0. (Side note: Can we move on from normcore already?) Either ways, the looks from Ferragamo are nothing but testaments to how far the utilitarian trend will grow in the spring and summer to come.

During Max Mara’s show, it was so empowering to see strong-shoulder silhouettes worn by equally strong women as they went down the runway with confidence. It was sexy, but also very practical. There were pops of stylised utilitarian detailing that have been reworked into their feminine classics. Like a utilitarian version of a slip on stocking to give heels an illusion of boots, and trench coats – and they weren’t just any plain old coats. They were belted and layered to perfection.

With utility coming in as spring’s hottest trend, we’re telling you that khaki and the rest of the gang on that side of the colour spectrum just might be the new black. Get your big bags and pockets ready, it’s time to usher in a whole new season of practical dressing.

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