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THE SHOOT: Fancy Ear Things That Put The “Ear” In Ear Candy

From oversized crystal droplets to an adorable miniature torso, these are the type of earrings you'd crave for at any time of the day or year.

Candy, candy, candy. The sugary, sometimes chocolatey, but always sweet confectionaries that taste like heaven. The forbidden fruit we wished we never had a taste of back when we were wee lads and lasses. Now, when we have a bag of candy as adults, we pay for it in spades. Candy had to come from elsewhere.

As time went by, the term “candy” became a term for, basically anything that felt good to the senses. That made you go “dayummm”. Eye candy, arm candy, ear candy. Even the inanimate and the intangible qualify. With spring and summer officially upon us and the turning of our wardrobes to the less complicated in a bid to cool off, pizzazz has to be channelled elsewhere. A swimsuit. A puffy sleeve. A pair of killer earrings. Ear candy, but with zero calories and even more smiles.

Don’t know which direction to take and bored of gold hoops, pearls and tortoiseshell? We picked five ear candies on our radar above, from one that looks like a giant, sugary raindrop to a fist holding a torso. Wait, what? Shop more sweet statement earrings – some actually look like candy – below.

Simone Rocha crystal earrings

Jacquemus Les Perles silver-tone beaded earrings

Gucci gold-tone, crystal and faux pearl clip earrings

Ellery Rosalind gold-plated, resin and shell earrings

Dolce & Gabbana gold-plated resin clip earrings

Dolce & Gabbana gold-plated, crystal and faux pearl clip earrings

Chloe Femininities gold-tone resin earrings

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