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Trend Alert: There’s More Than One Way To Wear Shorts This Season

From Off-White to Saint Laurent, bicycle shorts – uh huh – and bermuda lengths are sliding back into our wardrobes, complete with sequins and printed satin.

During the warmer months, it’s almost instinctive to reach for a pair of shorts due to the almost-always unbearable heat. It’s more relaxing, cooling and easy to move around in, but it’s also a fact that the one pair of denim shorts in the wardrobe has been dominating a few outfits for awhile now. With the plethora of designs out this season, there’s no excuse to push aside any of these equally practical options.

To start off, bicycle shorts have found an unexpected place on the runway, coming in the classic elastic at Off-White, or patterned and laced at Chloé and Saint Laurent. Keeping the idea of slim-cut and tight-fitting in mind, it seems like the bermuda short of your pre-teen years is making a comeback, too, but this time in a tailored suit-shorts edition at Off-White and even a reimagined classic denim one at Tibi.

Perhaps you’d like to show off more leg? In that case, there’s always the sporty kind from Louis Vuitton or even a hot pants situation at Paco Rabanne. For a slightly more swanky event, go for the leather ones from Saint Laurent, the extra-high high waisted shorts at Zimmerman or a silky patterned pair from Self-Portrait in a matching set. We are thoroughly loving the ones from Valentino that features two relatively large pockets that also comes fully sequinned.

Browse the multitude of ways to wear shorts sans t-shirts this hot weather season, then shop some very fine ones below.

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