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We’re Counting On These Statement Coats To Keep Us Alive

For all the fashion weeks to come. And they're all on sale! What do you say – gingham, quilted, leopard spots or fur?

Fashion week is coming up next month, but of all things to worry about, the one that tops our list is how we’re going to survive the cold. Basically, how we’re going to not catch our death and die. Especially with the cold that is going to haunt New York Fashion Week. We live in the tropics, we don’t do cold!

For that very reason, we’ve found ourselves searching through the outerwear sections of our go-to shopping sites, all in hopes of finding that one coat that will keep us alive, allow reasonable room for layering and still not turn us into walking Michelin logos. Or, that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. It’s a good look on him, but on everyone else? Not so much.

We’re all for the trench coat, but let’s be real – one coat for the entire fashion week month? Who are we trying to kid. A girl needs her options. Since the trench has the “If All Else Fails” department covered, we think it is perfectly reasonable for the other coat (and the other-other coat, because #options) to lean a little more to the statement side.

Enter gingham, tweed, striped fur, quilts, velvet, leopard prints and laser-cut holes! Okay, fine – laser-cut holes on a coat defeats the actual purpose of the coat, but it’s fun! Layer it over another coat, you’ll live! And you don’t even know the best part: all the coats above or at least half-off. That means more coats, less strain on the wallet.

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