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5 Minty Fresh Ways To Dress Yourself, As Told By The Streets

We has ideas for top to toe that will make you rethink layering and the never-ending appeal of the blazer. And, they're as easy as popping a sugar-free mint.

The new season is like getting a new haircut. You feel different and that change gives you the urge to try new things to go with that new feeling. A new colour, a new silhouette. The base is still you, but there are these fresh nuances that you give in to.

Because I am in a need of these small changes myself – frankly need to get out of my denim cut-off funk, I blame the 30 degree Celsius weather – I combed the street style scene for five simple, yet minty fresh styling ideas that are hardly difficult, yet have the potential to be transformative, from simply placing a piece of stretchy cloth on your crown to rediscovering the appeal of tucking your pants into your boots and your blazer into your pants.


Is it just us or is the headband used to keep hair back during nighttime routines starting to look plausible as daywear? With its multiple appearances at the recent fashion month, it is safe to say that the wide headband is back – but it is nothing like what you wore back in school. Take a cue from our girl Irene Kim and up the drama with statement earrings, crystal preferred. There’s just something so fun about getting excessively dressed up for no apparent reason.


Second-skin – think Balenciaga’s now-iconic Knife boots – and over-the-knee boots are the sort of things that will stick around, but the compass is slowly turning back to wide boots that end below the knee, because they’re perfect for tucking your baggy trousers into. Like cowboys, but better, because baggy-on-baggy gives a more interesting “it just happened like this” (read: effortless) silhouette.


We all know how to half-tuck shirts, but blazers? That is another level. We’re taking notes from Reese Blutstein aren’t her expertly tucked oversized blazer (that’s one side tucked in, the other side used to cover any mess) and a belt to hold everything in place. It’s simultaneously haphazard and clever.


More uses for the blazer! Who knew? These people knew, that’s who. Next time you have a soft blazer on your hands, try wearing it as a shirt and tucking it into baggy pants. The pants have to be baggy, not just because it is a fun play on proportion, but so that it conceals all that excess fabric from blazer.


Wearing tops under dresses is nothing knew. But said tops over dress? That’s topsy turvy! Get it? Top-sy? Not only does this breathe new life to dresses you’ve worn to death, it gives you a new way to layer without adding bulk. Think beyond bralets and consider sleeveless knits.



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