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A Study in Street Style: Pernille Teisbaek

The personification of effortless elegance, this Danish stylist's clever mixes of runway pieces and off-kilter streetwear are bound to inspire your everyday wardrobe.

Copenhagen’s Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week has ended but we just can’t seem to get enough of the Scandi aesthetic, which has come to represent more than just minimalism or androgyny. Think: Cecilie Bahnsen’s iconic cupcake dresses and Ganni’s fun and flirty pieces that often come in bold prints.

Perhaps, the charm of Scandi style lies in how it makes you go, “Hey, I can dress like that, too.” Now, if you are looking to channel the laid-back vibe Scandi girls evoke and pull off so seemingly easily, it is only befitting that you look to Pernille Teisbaek.

Teisbaek is the authority on Scandi chic. She wrote an entire manual – Dress Scandinavian: Style Your Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way – about it and designed a collection in collaboration with Danish label, By Marlene Birger. Author, creative director of fashion marketing agency Social Zoo and a super-mom of two, this triple-threat can do it all.

A street photographer favourite, Teisbaek has been turning heads at fashion weeks early on in her career as a fashion editor. You can be sure to spot Teisbaek in something classic and minimalistic, but always, always, with an eye-catching twist that makes her outfit interesting and fun. To her, the twist is what sets Scandi style apart.

Catch her in a head-to-toe denim look with her pants tucked into the straps of her heels. In blazers and pantsuits with comfy sport shoes. Or in a billowy knit and loose fitted pants with heeled booties. No stranger to playing around with new silhouettes and making them work, Teisbaek continues to take the street style world by storm, one turtleneck at a time.

Her style secret? Being meticulous about fit and proportion, but most importantly, dressing for yourself. Instead of chasing trends, Teisbaek believes in investing in pieces that will not just suit your body type but also match what’s already in your wardrobe. That’s a style philosophy we can get by, any day of the week.

Plus, that makes your shopping habits more sustainable and who doesn’t love some guilt-free shopping? At least that’s what I tell myself as I add yet another item to my cart. So, if you are looking to emulate Pernille Teisbaek for your next outfit, here are some pieces that we believe will get her stamp of approval.



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