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A Study in Street Style: Thora Valdimars

A maestro in mixing and matching unexpected outfit combinations, Danish stylist-turned-designer Thora Valdimars's personal style opens the doors to a world of unbridled fun – no rules apply here!

They say the best runway is the one on the streets. The runway is where the official action happens, but it is on the streets that real style, worn by real people, is born. In “A Study In Street Style”, we turn the spotlight on some of the most notable street style stars of industry. If ever you’re dry on outfit inspiration, just check back here. We guarantee you’ll leave with at least a handful of styling ideas. That, or your (imaginary) money back.

You would not miss Danish stylist-turned-designer Thora Valdimars in a room full of people, if your paths crossed on the street, amongst the flood of style inspiration on your Instagram feed or anywhere really, for that matter. At any one time, you’d probably catch Valdimars in a statement something, be it silver pants possibly retrieved from the year 2050, gold heels fit for Cleopatra or an exaggerated, sculptural signature blazer from Mugler.

Yet, the allure of her personal style is less the visually arresting pieces she takes to like a magpie attracted to shine but more the precise balance she strikes between being bold and exercising restraint. Valdimars mixes and matches like a pro. A fuzzy brown polo tucked into pink satin pants. A basic white tank top elevated by daring, printed pants. Doubling up on the shimmer with an embellished skirt and a glittery sweater. Punchy hues, contrasting textures and statement silhouettes build the foundation of her personal style.

As complicated as it may seem, achieving Valdimars’s look is simple: pick a statement piece or two and build your outfit around it. The only rule here is to have fun with it. Valdimars dresses to enjoy life, just as she believes all other women should. Rotate, the year-old brand of party-appropriate dresses she co-founded with Jeanette Madsen, is an extension of the ethos she holds close to her heart: you only live once. Valdimars will have you know there’s really no excuse to waste another day on a bland outfit. Here are some pieces for you add a dash of fun into your everyday as you wave the YOLO flag high.

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