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How To Style This Thing: You’re Ready For Pink On Pink, What’s Next?

A hell lot of fun and endless Instagram opportunities, that's what.

The attraction to millennial pink – actually, any variation of pink for that matter – is very real. Whether you like the colour on you or not, you’ll have to admit that pink is Instagram bait. We lost count of the number of people snapping pictures outside that pink bakery we spotted in London, ourselves included. Scoring a reservation at the city’s famous all-pink Sketch is near impossible unless you’re calling days in advance. On the sartorial front, pink was the standout colour of Spring/Summer ’17, with Balenciaga, Valentino and Prada campaigning for the colour for Fall/Winter ’17.

Simply put, pink is a head turner. If someone walked past you in head-to-toe pink, how can you not look? Strangely enough, pink on pink – add another “on pink” if you dare – is not as tricky to pull off as one might think. It doesn’t have to be girly, either. Above, writer-stylist Pandora Sykes in her pink suit from Copenhagen Fashion Week is a case in point for both. Simple pink-tinted sunglasses and a black top to match the buttons of her blazer. That doesn’t make the look any less of a statement, though.

Yoyo took a slightly different approach several seasons ago, pairing her pink suit with a blue gingham shirt that matched exactly with her gingham slip-on loafers. It’s a bold look, but it isn’t rubbing anything in anybody’s face. Like Sykes approach, it’s a classy bold.

Don’t just stick to pink suits or just a single shade of pink. Consider a pink turtleneck, a striped blazer of pink and wine, or a pair of saccharine pink pants paired with a boot in the exact shade of pink. How Balenciaga. Where does the pant end and boot begin? Nobody knows.







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