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This ’70s Inspired Wardrobe Will Get You Into the Mood for Summer

Head-turning prints, vibrant pops of colour and bold accessories – pile it all on!

Every summer has its own soundtrack. And there’s always that one song that you play on loop. The moment the sound waves reverberate through the air for the first time, you just know it’s going to be your jam for the next two months. When I heard Harry Styles’ newly released single “Watermelon Sugar”, it was that moment.

“Watermelon Sugar” is a whole mood. When the music video dropped last week, by the end of the 3:09 minutes, I felt like summer was officially here. Even if it meant laying out for some sun indoors, I wanted to do it there and then. The video opens with the disclaimer, “This video is dedicated to touching.” It then pans to Harry Styles by the beach, gently caressing a slice of watermelon. The endless sea that at some point meets the sky, the coastline that extends far beyond the frame, the juicy watermelon, Harry Styles in blue-tinted floral sunnies. It’s all very tantalising to anyone who hasn’t been any place other than the supermarket for more than a month now.

Temptations to get out and drive down to the nearest beach aside, the music video also (unexpectedly) brought with it a trove of style inspiration for the summer. If you’re acquainted with Styles’ wardrobe choices, you’d know the golden boy of pop has an affinity for the ’70s. The “Watermelon Sugar” aesthetic is an extension of just that. It involves a whole lotta pop colour hued prints, psychedelic florals and funky accessories. If summer was a look, “Watermelon Sugar” would be it.

Easing out of a global pandemic into summer, an over-the-top get-up has never felt as befitting as it does now. Starting with the accessories, you’d want to take the cue from Styles’ eccentric eyewear, the more attention demanding, the better…

Now moving onto the other summer essential: hats. Again, you’re not looking to go unnoticed, you want something that says “I’ve arrived”…

Nothing says holiday like a good ‘ol printed shirt – it’s the statement beach cover-up you’re going to want to cop…

Lastly, not forgetting cute, printed swimwear…



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