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Where To Buy & How To Wear The Season’s It T-Shirts

Or you can just look into the stacks and stacks of t-shirts that you already own.

The time has come for you to shop from your closet. Fashion – especially the street style scene – is at the point where everything that you usually leave at home can be cool. If you have the right tools. That bandana from orientation camp eons ago, that piece of velvet ribbon from Christmas, the hoodie and track pants set you only wear on flights and – the crème de la crème – every printed t-shirt you own.

Printed t-shirts are back and they’re back with a vengeance. While the largest slice of the street style pie chart is currently occupied by band t-shirts – Iron Maiden and Metallica are the usual suspects – tourist, cartoon, merch and plain old logo t-shirts are in the mix as well. Suddenly, that Calvin Klein Jeans t-shirt that your mum outgrew and passed on to you looks so damn good with a pantsuit. The t-shirt sections of Urban Outfitters and ASOS have never looked more welcoming. Opportunities, everywhere!

According to the street style pack, there are two main ways to style the printed t-shirt – you either dress them up, or dress them the way they’re “meant” to be worn. Sweats, denim, leather, the like. We’re all for comfort – and looking like we didn’t give two hoots about getting dressed, that off-duty model je ne sais quoi as they call it – but there’s also something very interesting about pairing the after-hours t-shirt with something refined. That high-low contrast that fashion loves so much.

Fashion month is drawing dangerously close and while we ain’t got no crystal ball to tell the future, we have a good feeling that printed t-shirts are going to be all over the street style scene.


(Click the highlighted links to shop the different t-shirts that we found!)

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