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Test Drive: We Got Our Hands on Dior’s “Rihanna” Sunglasses

And they are maaaaaaad sick.

Remember what we said about fashion moving forward into futurism? Dior’s accessory department and their everyone-wants-a-piece sunglasses seem to get it. You’ve got the “So Real”, “Technologic” and the blindingly reflective “Diorama”, but you will have to agree with us when we say that the latest “Rihanna” – designed with and named after its namesake, obvs – may be the most sci-fi of them all. It was literally inspired by Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. For a fashion thing, it doesn’t get more science fiction than that.

As with everything that RiRi lays her magical hands on, these sunglasses are certified kewl. It’s got these pockets of “naked” frame at the temples, leaving little for mystery but plenty for intrigue. They’re sturdier than they look too, and very light. And the show-stopping factor? A guaranteed yasssssss. People were definitely staring when we took “Rihanna” out to town for our inaugural Test Drive, and the ones we have aren’t even the showiest of the lot. If you want showy, there’s a version in red and purple. How’s THAT for a show-stopper?

Did we get any Vulcan salutes? We wish. One guy at Starbucks did ask very honestly if the sunglasses were something we took out of a lab. We just replied that Rihanna made them and his eyes just sort of lit up. See, the power of RiRi.

Live long and prosper in these babies, my friends.

(A little bird told us that the sunglasses are only available up until December, so if you want them, you better #workworkworkworkwork.)

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