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Let’s Give New York Fashion Week A Warm Welcome Back

Is it just me or was every collection so dang good? New York Fashion Week has found gotten its mojo back and IT IS AWESOME. I'll have two of everything, thanks.

Remember that one year at the Oscars when everything was so good? Neil Patrick Harris hosted, Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor for The Theory of Everything, Birdman came out tops even though The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash and Boyhood were just as good? Everything that was nominated for the major awards that year were actually, properly good. You didn’t know which one you liked best. You were a kid in a candy store.

The recent New York Fashion Week was like that, except instead of movies, it was clothes.

For the first time in what seems to be a long, long time, everyone who showed at New York brought and upped their game – and it was fabulous. It was exhilarating. It was also, strangely, comforting. Like the return of an old friend.

With some exceptions, New York Fashion Week, for the most part, had seemed a little lost in the last couple of seasons. (It had also lost crowd-drawers like Proenza Schouler and Rodarte to Paris.) With the wrapping up of the recent week-long spectacle with Marc Jacobs critically-acclaimed show – one of major, major eighties proportions – it is now official: New York Fashion Week has gotten its mojo back.

Everyone was good! So good! From the big names to the up-and-coming ones. Alexander Wang’s The Matrix-meets-sportswear duds felt like a return to his younger days in spirit. Coach’s prairie girl boasted an impressive collection of suede and shearling dusters coats and billowing bohemian dresses that swept the floor. Michael Kors was experimental yet fresh, literally giving his girl an entire new wardrobe from t-shirts to checked suits to boudoir evening wear. How’s that for jet set? Raf Simons at Calvin Klein toed the line between sensual and innocent, remixing pilgrimesque cut-out dresses with severely oversized coats, flared skirts and metallic gloves.

For the lack of a better phrase, all these are really just the tip of the giant, glossy, spectacular iceberg that New York served up this season. What we have rounded up above is probably just a third of it. There was energy. There was electricity. There was so much to see – I highly recommend that you go through each of them if you can, if just for a visual feast – and so much to love. New York is back y’all, and possibly better than ever before.

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