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The Box Bags You Can’t Resist Not Picking Up

When did bags stop looking like bags? Structured boxy bags that kind of remind us of childhood lunch boxes is the next thing to own if you need an everyday bag that’s very, very cute.

Buying a bag is never a race. It’s always a carefully crafted and well thought out process that’s thorough and rational. Before making a non-impulse driven choice, you’ll ask yourself a series of questions. How many looks can you build around one bag? Can it fit everything, including the kitchen sink? How cute will it look 10 months from now? Sure, they’re all reasonable questions to ask yourself before making that one big splurge in the year, but how many times have you left the store with the same ol’ trusty bucket bag that you probably already own?

Too many times.

Hey, we’re not shaming slouchy anywhere-anytime crossbody bags. They’re great, versatile and they do fit everything and the kitchen sink. But sometimes us girls (and ladies) just want to look cute and have a fun night without sacrificing any of our necessities. It goes beyond just a tiny lipstick and a slim cardholder. Thanks to the rise in popularity of boxy bags, we won’t have to succumb to using a micro clutch that just sits there and helps with nothing except looking cute.

Made popular by brands like Louis Vuitton and Mark Cross, the boxy bag is dominating the street style scene. From runway to the streets, and now to us, we finally get the hype. They’re irresistibly cute, they are almost the perfect everyday carry-all, and they remind us a lot of our childhood lunch boxes. It’s a practical everyday bag with a nostalgic twist. Another reason to love boxy bags? Turning it from a daytime crossbody to a party-ready clutch for the night is so easy. Like tucking the strap into the bag kind of easy. And because its unique and distinct shape already makes such a statement, you can keep accessorising to a minimum.

We hope you’ve taken a liking for boxy bags by now. If the It-girls of Instagram championing this trend still haven’t been able to change your mind about getting your very own everyday boxy bag, hopefully the ultra cute ones that we’ve chosen might help. Whether it’s for a day out, or for a night of partying, the boxy bag will take you there. Cards, keys, wallet and more all included.

Louis Vuitton Bleecker Box

Mark Cross Grace small glossed-leather shoulder bag

Staud Sadie croc-effect leather tote

Moynat Mini-Vanity Perforated

Mark Cross Sara striped textured-leather tote

Montunas Guaria tortoiseshell acetate box bag

Rejina Pyo Olivia snake-effect leather tote

L’afshar Grace acrylic clutch

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