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The 5 Essential Types Of Pants That Every Wardrobe Needs

If wardrobes were a food pyramid, these would be the carbs. Want an It girl wardrobe? Start from here.

Okay, ask yourself this – how many times have you told yourself “I have enough bottoms, I need more tops”? Then, you proceed to get more of said tops, only to realise that they are the cheese to the chalk of your towering collection of bottoms. You wind up at square one again, except now with tops added to said towering pile of things that are destined to not be worn as much as you had initially hoped. You curse at the wind and proclaim that your new year resolution would be to streamline, streamline and streamline.

The solution is obvious – make your wardrobe more versatile. Thing is, because bottoms, especially pants, get more wear than any other part of your wardrobe, they have to be the most versatile of them all. You want to be able to wear them again and again, laundry day optional.

In the spirit of the new year and our goal of hitting refresh on the things that were less than satisfactory in the last, we’re making it our missing to help you streamline your wardrobe, starting first with our Essential Pants Edit. They’re all extremely versatile, made to be both dressed up and down and 100% cool girl approved. The wagon-full of tops you just bought will be a challenge no more.



Every It girl worth her salt has it – or five. You know the one: straight-leg, mid to high waist, ever so slightly cropped at the ankles with a wash that suggests it has seen better days. If it looks like something Jane Birkin, the most je ne sais quoi of the je ne sais quois would have worn, you’re on the right track.



The black cigarette pant has the rep of being an office pant, but Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Le Smoking tuxedo suit proves that it can be hella sexy. Unlike regular suits, the essential black pant cuts closer to the leg and reveals the ankles, leaving the rest for imagination. Pair them with a pointed heel? Woooo.



Also known as the one where you let you freak flag fly. Everyone is allowed a little bit of fun – wardrobe essentials don’t have to be about the basics. These pants and their weirdness are for days when you just want to let them do the talking while the rest of you slides back into the comfort of a t-shirt and sneakers. As long as you keep the lines clean, these can very well be versatile as well.



According to Unofficial It Girl Guide Book To Conquering The Streets – we made that up, please don’t Google it – this one can be worn two ways: with a flat shoe so that it cleans the streets, but you look so devil may care, or with a heel or a platform so that your legs go on forever. We swear by this styling trick. These are also the most breezy of the essential pants, and you’ll find them especially useful on days where jeans feel too stuffy or constricting.



With the boots-over-jeans look coming in slowly but surely, the skinny jean, the one pair of pants we wanted so bad in our earlier days of youth, is now back on par with its aforementioned counterpart. While the vintage-looking cool girl jean is admittedly more effortless, no denim hugs your curves like skinnies and some days, that boost on our derriere is exactly what you need.


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