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How To Wear A Mini Skirt In The Grown-Up Way

Swap your pants out for some leg-bearing treasures, because we've got all the right reasons as to why you shouldn't be afraid to wear one.

When in a rush, it is unlikely that one would think to reach for a skirt of the shorter – some might say mini – variety. Shorts and jeans, sure. After all, there is such a fine line when it comes to short skirts then when crossed can land you in the cute or tween zone.

The question of whether it is appropriate for your appointment or not is simply too big of a risk to take. Is it unprofessional? Would it be too short even though your derriere is in no one’s view? Would it be too distracting if you have to shift it around every two seconds?

Then again, though, who can resist a mini skirt, what would all the freedom it affords your tired, stuffy and sun-starved legs? Plus, skirt suits are kind of having a moment.

What you need to do to avoid looking like you just stepped out of your closet in 2003 – Clueless era is untouchable, I tell you! – is to take hemlines, fit and style into consideration. Simple enough, but it really is all about the details and how you choose to roll it with the rest of your outfit.

A hipster denim skirt – back when hipster meant something else than what it does now – will look better if the waist went higher and the silhouette changes from straight to A-line. A raw hem doesn’t hurt. A tailored mini skirt can look quite clean with a blazer over.

Then again, who can resist a mini skirt? It’s cute, fun and the best ones can give you legs for days. What you need to do to avoid looking like you just pulled it from your 2003 closet is to take hemlines, fit and style into consideration. Something grown-up and more work appropriate would be a tailored skirt, perhaps with a matching suit set. Or go for ruffles, vinyl or leather in high-waist.

Ruffles, vinyl and leather do not have to be inappropriate either. Of course, make sure the length is long enough so that you’re not risking anything when you bend over. Then, it’s all about balance. If you’re showing a lot of leg, a good way to look less casual would be to balance skin everywhere else. think turtlenecks, outerwear or taller boots. Pairing a girlish skirt with something more rugged or masculine would help with moving more towards the grown-up look. Staple pieces would come in handy here too, like the classic white T-shirt or white sneakers.

Heck, even if the temperature’s getting colder, you don’t have to put your mini skirts into storage. We did it one winter, here. Thermals, heat packs and tights, man.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Prince of Wales checked wool mini skirt

Self-Portrait Ruffled checked tweed mini skirt

Gucci Leather-trimmed cotton-blend canvas mini skirt

Maison Margiela Cutout houndstooth cotton midi skirt

Saint Laurent Belted cotton and ramie-blend gabardine mini skirt

Rag & Bone Toni patent-leather mini skirt

Chloé Pleated leather mini skirt

Acne Studios Shiryn leather wrap mini skirt

Saint Laurent Lace-up leather mini skirt

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