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These Instagram-Ready Swimsuits Will Make You Feel Oddly Nostalgic

Like a VHS tape of Cindy Crawford working out in a black swimsuit by the beach in the 1990s kind of nostalgic.

It so happens that a friend of mine is getting married in Bali come fall. With my unquenchable need to plan everything well ahead of time – over-plan, more like – and the fact that I’ve never been to a beach wedding before and am hence, extremely excited, I have been on the look out for my to-be island wardrobe. Huge earrings, kewl sunglasses, beach dresses and the creme de la creme – swimwear. I got it “just okay” that last time we were in the Maldives for work-vacay, but this time, I am determined to nail it.

Something I’ve noticed about the swimwear of the mo and later, validated by every cool girl I stalk on Instagram, is that nostalgia is back. Think Cindy Crawford working out in a black swimsuit by the beach in her Shape Your Body tapes. Think Baywatch. Think slow-mo running on the beach with big hair. Think one-pieces cut extremely high on the thigh, giving the illusion of long legs and a spectacular tush. If you’ve had one too many shrimps at a lunch buffet, these hide your little food baby better than a triangle bikini, which now seem kind of…basic.

While the classic spaghetti-strapped one-piece is rising in popularity – just do a simple search on Net-a-Porter and Matchesfashion, there’s plenty there – but if you want to take it a step further, consider these below, some of which I’m still conducting internal debates on. Of course, bikinis can still be great when the cards are right, specifically this Zimmermann two-piece that is basically daywear and this one shoulder bikini top by Marysia that I just cannot get over.

Dos Gardenias Superstar Halterneck Swimsuit

Eres Edito Tribune Matelasse Swimsuit

Haight Kate Swimsuit

Haight Waist-Tie Swimsuit

Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden Ruffle-Trimmed Tie-Waist Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Olympia Ribbed Swimsuit

Marysia Venice One-Shoulder Bikini Top

Marysia Venice One-Shoulder Bikini Top

Solid & Striped The Nina Belted Ribbed Stretch-Knit Swimsuit

Solid & Striped The Nina Belted Ribbed Stretch-Knit Swimsuit

Solid & Striped The Toni Swimsuit

Zimmermann Lumino Daisy Appliqued Bikini

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