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Into the Wilderness We Go With The NorthFace x Gucci Collection

Ready to go glamping?

It wasn’t too long ago before Miss Rona embarked on her global tour that adventures in the great outdoors hit a fever pitch amongst the millennial set. Every ascend and trek immortalised forever in photographs – we’ve seen plenty of these all over the ‘gram. Hands punching in the air, head in the clouds, on a mountain peak with a smile of triumph plastered across the face against mother nature’s masterpieces.

It’s a beautiful sight, save for the dowdy puffer jackets and yoga tights that are the uniform of most adventurers. Aesthetic might not be a real consideration in the outdoor wear department when you’re up against harsh weather conditions but it’s still something to think about. It’s not ever so often that fashion crosses over into functionality fit for the great outdoors, presumably, owing to the technicality of outdoor fabrics.

Meet the latest coupling of the two between one of the most prominent names in fashion and outdoor gear respectively: The North Face x Gucci collection. Chuck all your preconceptions of outdoor wear into the corner and get acquainted with the collection’s lineup of monogrammed garb rendered in statement hues. From ready-to-wear to shoes and accessories, the collection covers all the bases. Gucci tents included!

You’d no longer have to risk frostbite or slipping off a slope in the name of fashun or be a sight for sore eyes against mother nature’s masterpieces. And it ticks all the boxes, beyond just that of vanity’s sake. Echoing both Gucci and The North Face’s commitments to sustainability, the garment and carrier bags have been strategically designed and responsibly sourced to reduce its impact on dear Gaia. Furthermore extending the eco-conscious sensibilities to the collection itself, the luggages in the lineup are constructed from ECONYL – a fabric made from regenerated fishnets, carpets, and other throwaways.

Having been cooped up indoors for months on end at this point, the vastness of the outdoors spells freedom. The next adventure awaits when the borders open but in the meantime, adventure seekers have at least one part taken care of – the wardrobe department.

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