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The Revival of Bar Rings Will Solve Any Forgetful Accessorising Woes

Badass, cool and packs a real punch, we're falling in love with bar rings all over again and here's why you should be too.

There has been a revival of multi-finger rings, and to be honest, we are glad for their return because the business of accessorising can be so tricky. When you’re toeing the line between understated classiness and being tacky, one wrong move can leave you plummeting down a spiralling slope of bad fashion decisions and an uncoordinated outfit (£truth). The devil is in the details and trust us when we say that accessories can make or break an outfit.

We’ve all seen the Instagram cool girl trend of layering necklaces, and we can’t help but wonder – is there an equally dramatic counterpart for your hands? Bar rings! Sometimes, called knuckle rings – not to be confused with knuckle dusters, just so we’re clear – bar rings are, simply put, a sets of rings that have been fused together to fit over two or more fingers.

This actually isn’t the first time we’re seeing bar rings. We’ve witnessed sporadic appearances of them atop clutches and bags to act as handles. This season, we’re turning our spotlights onto brands like Attico, Gucci, and Chloé. With so much support from the brands on everyone’s lips, bar rings are a bonafide win, rhyme very much intentional.

There are many benefits to investing into a bar ring. One, accessorising can be as easy as picking up a statement bar ring and you’re done. You won’t have to stress over the tiresome process of stacking different rings together because bar rings are multiple rings in one.

Two, if you’re a klutz like me, the chances of losing something that prominent will be way lesser than a thin silver ring. You can only imagine the number of breakdowns I have had right before leaving my house when I realise that I’m missing one ring from my once perfect set. With a bar ring though, it’s all that one ring. It’s like a dress, but for your fingers.

And lastly, you’ve got to admit, the bar ring does look pretty badass. Whether it’s a multi-finger tiger ring bedazzled with glass stones, or a simple gold ban that spans over two fingers, these rings pack a punch. (Again, not a knuckle duster.) It adds a nice edge to our look, and we love the way it demands for attention with its unique and distinct shape.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie when it comes to accessorising, or if you’re already a professional ring stacker – there’s a bar ring for everyone. Below are some of our must haves to get you through this exciting season of statement accessories.

Attico Faux pearl-embellished bar ring

Chloé Reese gold-tone ring

Melissa Kaye Aria 18-karat gold diamond two-finger ring

Yeprem 18-karat white gold diamond two-finger ring

Charlotte Valkeniers double star ring

Maison Margiela rope-detail ring

Charlotte Chesnais Faust ring

Eshvi double finger ring

Alexander McQueen Skull double ring

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