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It’s the Beginning of a New Era at Tod’s

We have a new cool girl on the block courtesy of Tod's. Low-slung trousers, oversized shirts and a devil-may-care attitude to top it all off.

Our ears perk up and backs straighten when we hear of designer debuts set to take place at fashion week. Witnessing a designer’s maiden outing is always special. Inadvertently, you find yourself a part of a moment set to go down in the history books. The novelty of ticking the firsts never quite loses its appeal. This season at Milan, Walter Chiapponi, the newly appointed creative director for both menswear and womenswear was set to take the runway at Tod’s.

Who is Chiapponi, you ask? Prior to taking the helm at Tod’s, he worked for years at Bottega Veneta during the time of Tomas Maier’s helm. His impressive resume also traces back to Gucci and Miu Miu where he held creative roles. Granted his wealth of experience, Chiapponi is no stranger to the business of luxury. Coming on board Tod’s, he had taken it upon himself to “bring back a sense of Italian good taste, that zest for a certain relaxed yet sophisticated lifestyle.”

Relaxed and sophisticated – that is as precise a description one could formulate of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection. The show opened with an oversized tailored jacket, slouchy corduroy (yes, corduroy) pants and a (few sizes too big) shirt combination. A scarf was carelessly wrapped around the neck and the choice of footwear, sneakers. These were all pieces that a girl could easily have stolen from her boyfriend’s closet. Right off the bat, the Tod’s woman had a nonchalant cool about her. She was chill – probably that girl hung out with all the boys.

Hints of femininity showed itself in floral patterns that we saw on the season’s coats; shapely silhouettes that alluded to corsetry; and short hemlines baring generous amounts of leg. To those acquainted with Tod’s, you would know that leather is the maison’s area of expertise. But the Fall/Winter 2020 collection seemed to take the focus off it’s niche craftsmanship to instead typify the Tod’s woman on the whole.

And you know what, we like her. We like her a whole lot.

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