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Ring, Ring, the 2000s Are Calling – They Want Their Tracksuits Back

The birth child of loungewear and the fashion set’s undying penchant for nostalgia, velour tracksuits are back from the aughts.

Will the nostalgia ever end? These blasts from the past, they just keep coming back. Some of which have caught us completely off-guard. Who would’ve ever guessed we’d revisit chain belts, bandanas, and low-slung pants from Britney Spears’ heyday? And who would’ve ever thought we’d live to see a Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian reunion? And dressed in matching velour tracksuits at that? Iconic.

When we first scrolled past the photo on the ’gram, we had to blink twice to confirm we hadn’t drifted back to the aughts in our dream state. It was real. Paris and Kim. In matching Skims velour tracksuits. Holding bedazzled flip phones to their ears.

And if you’ve been paying attention, you might’ve noticed that mainstream designers, too, got the memo. At Off-White, Virgil Abloh debuted an embroidered blue velour set. When sportswear-inspired label Casablanca launched its first-ever womenswear capsule, a velour set found itself amongst the lineup.

It couldn’t have been more well-timed. The second coming of Juicy Couture’s bedazzled coords feed the pandemic-induced appetite for loungewear. With winter coming into full-swing and Miss Rona on her second wave across the globe, we won’t be needing real clothes anytime soon, anyway.

We’re scheduling sleepovers with the girlies pronto. Dress code: matching velour suits.

Skims velour hoodie and jogger


Casablanca appliquéd velour bomber jacket and track pants


Suzi Kondi stretch cotton-blend velour sweatshirt and track pants


Off-White logo embroidered velour track jacket and high waist track pants

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