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Trend Alert: Big Buckle Belts Are Making An Unexpected Comeback

Say hello to statement belts and bye-bye to bland outfits. We’re introducing the accessory you never knew you needed.

Belts. Underrated and incredibly practical. This humble accessory has come and gone with each season and even though a simple belt can be found in everyone’s closet, they also happen to be the one accessory nobody pays attention to.

They’ll only come to mind when a) our pants are dropping and we need something for them to cling on for dear life to, or b) when we want to pull off a seamless back-to-the-2000s Kim Kardashian Halloween outfit. Ridiculously billowy tops and big, chunky belts included. Not anymore. This season, belts are coming back hotter than ever and they are quickly becoming fashion’s favourite accessory of the year. Championed by the likes of cool Instagram It-girls, belts are finally taking centerstage and this time, they’re coming back with a statement.

To help bring about the revival of belts, we’re taking styling tips from some of fashion’s biggest brands. One look at the Spring 2018 runways and we can see an entire empire of statements belts bring built. They have their foundation laid out in a hardware inspired number paired on top of a matchy-matchy shirt and skirt combo in Céline. To add on, we were getting real belt envy with Saint Laurent’s assortment of embellished buckled belts and leopard printed stunners in their Spring 2018 runway collection.

Another statement belt style that we love? Belts that are unnecessarily long, but also undeniably chic. Studying perennial street style icons like Taylor Tomasi Hill and Julie Pelipas, the super long belt is coming in strong as this season’s favourite statement piece. We’re seeing blazers cinched with statement belts everywhere and even the occasional super long belt paired with a full-length dress. There are statement belts paired with unexpected layering epidemic happening and we’re totally down for that.

If you’re thinking of trying the statement belt trend out, we have some real simple and easy style tips for you to follow.

For starters, avoid choosing a belt that’s the same colour as the rest of your outfit. If it’s there to make a statement, naturally you should pick something that’s contrasting and distinct to make the accessory stand out. Second, you can use statement belts over your coats and blazers to help you pull off that one-shoulder look without your outfit completely malfunctioning. Just don’t forget to position your it perfectly first before strapping in the belt. And lastly, don’t be afraid to slip on a belt even if there aren’t any belt loops. A statement belt over a high-waisted skirt or slim tailored trousers can really help pull your outfit together – it’s all about the little details.

Like we said, you probably already have a belt at home so why not show it the light of day again? Shop below for some of the most swoon-worthy closet investments you will want to make. Let the reign of statement belts begin!

Gucci Embroidered textured-leather belt

Attico Velvet waist belt

Frame Leopard-print calf hair belt

Gabriela Hearst Leather-trimmed satin utility belt

Miu Miu Leather waist belt

Chloé Embellished canvas waist belt

Balmain Gold-tone leather belt

Gucci Leather belt

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