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Scarves Are The Quickest Way To Update The Classic Ponytail

Move over, hair ties and scrunchies. What is this, amateur hour? Ditch 'em and go all street style with any one of these silky – logomania approved – scarves.

I love a good pony tail. In fact, I love it so much that I regularly shave my forehead just so that my ponytail is a clear-cut as a ponytail can get. It is something of a natural contouring tool, keeping the hair out of my pancake face, and when it is high and tight, a ponytail can be an instant, relatively painful facelift. However, the ponytail can get a little drab. Like our lips or our eyelids, it could do with some zhooshing. Turn it into part of your outfit, even.

Scrunchies were great, but it is perhaps best left in the eighties and nineties. Ribbons and bows are sweet – Rochas, Marchesa and Tory Burch did it two seasons ago – but perhaps a little too sweet for, say, a t-shirt and jeans combo. You want something a little more effortless, that captures that je ne sais quoi that we constantly chase after.

Alas, thank street style regulars, like the too-cool-for-school Kozue Akimoto and her simple act of tying a skinny scarf printed with the words “Christian Dior” over her ponytail. It is ridiculously simple and effortless, yet so eye-catching. Classy, too, and economical, because now you get one more way to wear a scarf.

Not any scarf will do, though. Skinny ones in satin, twill or silk, or thin cotton ones work best because they tie easily. Nothing to thick, because you don’t want to weigh down your ponytail. Consider longer lengths, too, but not too long for obvious safety reasons. Logos are always a great idea, but don’t dismiss the bandana – especially if you have one lying around. If you feel ever so slightly inclined to stock up on scarves, shop some of our favourites of the moment below.

Burberry printed twill scarf

Burberry house check silk scarf

Dolce & Gabbana rose-print silk-twill scarf

Dolce & Gabbana logo-printed cotton bandana scarf

Fendi printed silk-twill scarf

Fendi printed silk-twill scarf

Givenchy logo-print silk-twill scarf

Gucci printed silk-twill scarf

Gucci floral-print silk-twill scarf

Magda Butrym silk-jacquard scarf

RIXO London striped silk-satin scarf

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