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The Nineties Just Called: Apparently, Monster Platforms Are Back

The fashion girl's equivalent of stilts. Here's why everyone needs a pair – and how to style it when you have them.

Are you sugar, spice or everything nice? Well, it doesn’t matter, because you get a platform! You get a platform! And you at that back, you also get a platform! Of the many shoe trends of the coming seasons, the one that – quite literally – sticks out the most is the platform. And it ain’t just any platform, it is the monster platform. We’re talking shoes that are basically stilts in disguise. These kicks don’t just elevate – they prop you so high up, it is possible that you’ll be breathing fresher-than-normal air. You know, because you’re taller than everybody else.

While Rochas and Vivienne Westwood opted to give the girly girl a fair share of the trend, it is Marc Jacobs who really defines the monster platforms of the season. Ranging from reptile to metallic, tall to tallest, you look at those clunky things and think – are these shoes or weapons of mass destruction? Is there a difference? We would love a walk in those, just to see if we can keep our balance. Demna Gvasalia takes us slightly closer to ground with a shorter variation of the shoe for Balenciaga, though no less treacherous. Treacherous-looking, anyway. Yoyo recently wore her pair at fashion week in Milan and Paris and she still ended up walking faster than me. Added height without the pain. You can have your cake and eat it, too, it seems.

It is a bit early to talk about spring, but we are almost certain that the monster platforms will carry well into the next season. Marc Jacobs gave us more monster platforms for Spring/Summer 2017, though more psychedelic and eclectic than the goth versions of Fall/Winter 2016. If you do eventually tire of towering above everyone else though, there are those Gucci two-in-one platforms that turn into flats faster than you can say “Alessandro Michele”.

Also, if you do find yourself strangely veering towards platforms in the coming months, a word of warning: just stay away from bell-bottomed jeans and cropped tops while you’re at it. We love the nineties, but let’s leave that combo in the nineties.

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