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It’s Official – Matte is Out, Super Shiny is In

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

There are several instances where a matte finish is preferred over a glossy one – old school photographs, lipstick, phone screens, the like. But you know what’s one thing that shouldn’t be matte this season and the one to come? Your pants! And we ain’t talking about just a mild sheen here, oh no – we’re talking about a gloss so shiny that it looks plastic. Good for you if it actually is plastic.

The past few seasons paid tribute to the late 1960s to 1980s, but designers seem to be shifting their gears forward this season, opting to look ahead instead of back. It’s a fitting narrative, considering the fashion industry’s now-inseparable fate with technology (just look at the this year’s Met Gala). What’s more representative of futurism than something that looks synthetic?

Championing the futurist front is Nicolas Ghesquiere, whose Fall/Winter 2016 collection for Louis Vuitton featured patent pants from start to finish. These weren’t second-skin pants. They were relaxed, cropped at the ankles and inexplicably cool when styled with combat boots. Over at Carven, the patent pants were cuffed and loose with a sportier edge, and they looked so easy next to the knits and puff jackets.

It wasn’t just the pants. Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Proenza Schouler, Philosophy and Valentino showed shiny-as-hell coats and jackets that could probably double as raincoats. Patent boots aren’t technically new, but the thigh-high’s at Hood By Air were so ridiculously sexy, enough to deserve a special mention. Not a coat and boots gal? Creatures of the Wind’s boxy patent slips (can we still call them slips?) are what we deem as tropic friendly alternatives. Tropic friendly-ish.

You’d think that styling something so conspicuous would be tricky, but the looks in the gallery above will help you think otherwise. Better stock up on the shine because, mark our words, patent will be huge come fall. You in, or what?

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