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Trend Report: Leather On Leather

That’s crazy. Crazy genius, you mean. It’s refreshing, chic, and also super empowering. What’s not to love about feeling like a total badass?

When someone mentions spring and summer, leather most probably isn’t going to be the first thing that pops into your head. It wasn’t in ours too, initially. We weren’t really sure how it happened, or when. But, suddenly leather on leather in spring just seemed unusually appealing to us.

We can already picture the questions: how crazy does someone have to be to wear leather in the heat? Not that crazy, actually. Let’s face it, we’re all going to sweat in this blistering heat anyway. And, if so, why not do it looking good?

The first contender at making a case for leather on leather is our very dear Loewe. Right off the runways of spring and we are already in love with full leather ruched dress. We never thought we would fall in love with leather dresses for spring, but again, we have. There’s just something about its blouse-like silhouette and low v neckline that really makes it feel like a vacation waiting to happen. There’s also a tailored A-line leather jacket that we can’t stop looking at. The asymmetric slit details give the jacket – although we would totally wear it as a top – the breeziness that comes with a spring time look.

We also have Fendi coming in quick with their own take on leather in spring. With the oversized brown belted jacket, monogrammed leather skirt and coat combo, and the full leather peplum dress, we noticed that having a heavier textile like leather on earthy colours like khaki and tan makes the whole look a lot easier to picture in spring. In some ways, leather packs a punch and brings about a sense of empowerment when wearing it. You just feel cooler, edgier and a lot more like a badass.

There are simply too many signs pointing us to try leather on leather this spring. One more for the road is Hermès with buttery pale leather tunics and matching leather coats and skirts. The collection almost felt like a new adventure, the perfect mix of sporty and spring. What is spring without slouchy bags anyway? Hermès surely delivered with leather buckets and big totes accessorised with thick camera straps in shades of brown and black.

With leather on leather obviously making its mark in spring this year, we’re urging you to give it a chance. The runways have shown us plenty reasons why to. If wearing a full leather dress seems a tad bit extreme for you, you can always tone it down by pairing matching leather separates like your skirt and bag. Leather for spring? Count us in.

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