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Move Over Micro Bags, The GIANTS Are Coming

Lugging your whole life and the kitchen sink with you in your bag is now fashion-approved.

There are two types of people in the world: the ones that try to carry as little as possible when they’re out and the ones that carry everything. Their laptops, wet wipes, one-litre water bottles, gigantic multi-fold wallets, breakfast burrito, cameras, sewing kit, dental kit, makeup bag – E-VERY-THANG. If you belong to the latter, well, congratulations and salutations! Carrying your entire house with you in your tent-sized bag is now fashion-approved.

While bags on the runway continue to shrink – calm down, micro-bag aficionados – several designers who seem to have had it with near-nothing bags are making the case for what we’re calling the “XXXL” bag. Mary Poppins, Hermione Granger and their magical, bottomless bags would be so proud. Celine’s oversized bags extend all the way to the knees. Balenciaga’s are large enough to hold a sink. Loewe’s appropriately named “Cushion” bag is basically a weekender pretending to be an everyday bag.

It’s not just the handbags and backpacks. Marni’s waist pouches are the largest we’ve ever seen and Emilio Pucci’s tassel clutches are long enough to hold a baguette – and with space to spare!

So, for those of you who have been teased for lugging everything but the kitchen sink on your shoulder, take the above slideshow and shove it in the faces of your mockers. Demna Gvasalia, Jonathan Anderson and Phoebe Philo have your back. You do you, my friend.

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