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We’re Obsessed With Sheer Tinted Sunglasses

Like Dorothy when she entered the Emerald City, but better. MUST. HAVE. MORE.

Remember that part in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy puts on a pair of green-tinted glasses and everything instantly looked better and more magical? Well, it’s the same with the season’s biggest eyewear trend, except that the world isn’t Emerald City and you get to wear tinted sunglasses in blue, pink, yellow etc. – whichever’s your poison.

Gucci has been making yellow-tinted sunglasses for a couple of seasons now, but it wasn’t until the recent rise of South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster that the trend really took off. What’s interesting about the tinted sunglasses of the mo is that they are quite sheer and are generally accompanied by a thin, back-to-basics sort of frame. They are the complete opposite of their mirrored cousins in that they offer ZERO mystery. Plainly put – these aren’t shades for throwing shade. If you don’t want someone to know that you’re staring them down, pick something else.

So, why wear them, then?

Well, we like that they’re a little kooky and a bit of throwback to the 1970s, back when eyewear technology wasn’t that fancy-schmancy. If it’s something that will make your dad go “Hey! I had one of these!”, then you’re on the right track. (While we did write a little piece about how fashion seems to be moving chronologically forward, we’re still holding on tight to our flare denims, poet sleeves and suedes. Plus, it’s entirely plausible that future-people are into it too, okay?)

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