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5 Foolproof Yet Fresh Date Night Outfit Ideas, As Told By The Streets

Basic, these are not. Whether you've got a date with your love, your girls or just flying solo, these looks have you covered.

When it comes to dressing up for date nights, there is no hard and fast rule, if there are any rules at all. It all depends on context, how well you know each other and where you want the dinner date to go. If you’ve got your date night look settled, well done. If you’re so far into the relationship that you and your beau are comfortable in PJs – first, good for you, and second, d’awwww.

But, if you’re still in the early phases, going on a first date or just want to impress your date in the month of love, no matter how long you’ve been going out, we combed the streets for five outfit ideas that will do the trick. Maybe even a little magic. We’ve got the classics, the unconventional, the casual and just a couple of ideas if you want to play around with your sensuality. We can’t guarantee what happens at and after that dinner, but one thing is for sure – you won’t be one of those girls in yet another floral dress or another bodycon or another shift dress.



You can do no wrong and only right in an LBD, but go beyond the shift dress. Think less Breakfast At Tiffany’s and more, well, now. Cut-outs, drapes, backless or even the classic, minimal slip dress that never seems to fail.



Ah, the colour of amore. Red on a date is like wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Like the LBD, ditch conventions and step away from the bodycon. Juxtapose the fiery colour on soft ruffles, balloon sleeves, oversized bows and knits. If you feel that red is a little too much, dress them down with sneakers instead of heels.



It was Yves Saint Laurent who said that a woman in a suit is at complete ease with her femininity. We love a pantsuit, but if you’re in the mood for something even sexier, break the pantsuit a part and consider the blazer dress – and if you can’t find one, just get an oversized blazer – or the shirt dress.



A little bit of skin never hurt nobody. A little shoulder here, a little back there, a full arm through a tulle sleeve. Or, you can show nothing at all yet still be incredibly sexy, like layering a midi skirt over and over-the-knee boot, or a turtleneck under an off-the-shoulder dress. What a tease, indeed.



There’s just something incredible romantic about ruffles. Maybe it makes one think of Romeo & Juliet, maybe it harkens back to a time where romance was so much simpler and straightforward. If your sleeves make you want to say “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” then you’re on the right track. A blouse like that, we like them contrasted with cigarette-cut jeans. Careful with the sleeves while you’re slurping on soup, though.


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