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3 Anti-Spring Outfit Ideas, If You Need A Break From Ruffles and Florals

If everything is not coming up roses in the wardrobe department, there are still ways to put yourself in the mood without giving in to the conventions of spring.

The arrival of spring brings the promise of many things: breezy temperatures, good spirits and blooming flowers. While there is a certain fun in keeping to the spirit of things and playing the part of being into spring, it should be acknowledged that florals and ruffles are just not everyone’s thing.

Perhaps, you’ve had enough of the whole basket-carrying situation that has taken the industry and street style scene by storm. Perhaps you’re just on the search for a spring look that you can wear into the office without being asked if there’s a picnic waiting for you at lunch break. Still, no reason not to engage in the season and feel spring, but not giving in to archetypical spring outfits.

There are no ruffles, florals, tiered dresses or even big-sleeved blousons here. Instead, clean lines, breezy silhouettes and easy but clever accessorising. If you’re up for going against the grain, consider these three looks plucked from the street style set, along with pieces that you can shop straightaway.

Forget ruffled bohemian dresses – light-weight t-shirt or knit dresses will do just fine. Switch things up and toggle between dressed up and down with a beret and extremely chunky sneakers. When the wind picks up, guess who will be struggling to hold her dress down? Not you.

The tied-up shirt for spring is a common thing, but turn it on its head by ditching the denim cut-offs for breezy tapered trousers and again, a beret, just to throw people off. Is she dressed down? Is she dressed up? That’s for you to know and for them to keep guessing.

Pleats don’t always have to be girly. Keep colours muted and the lines extra clean, then ditch the blouse and go for something more androgynous, like a printed vacation shirt – borrowed from the boys for extra flavour – with short sleeves. Keep the shirt tucked out to up the chill factor.

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