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Unitards Are the Latest Athleisure Trend We’re Taking to the Streets

It's now completely socially acceptable to be walking about town in a unitard.

Nevermind what the runways had to say, we can all unanimously agree that athleisure has preceded all else in pandemic style. “Real” clothes? What are those? We might not stepped into the gym in god-knows-how-long but we’ve certainly clocked in the mileage on our workout gear. Our uniform of late has been a rotation of sweatshirts and biker shorts, sports bras and sweatpants, and matchy-matchy bra and legging co-ords.

We’re knee-deep into atheleisure and we really like it here. Meet our (and the KarJenner clan’s) latest athleisure obsession: the unitard. If jumpsuits and leotards had a baby, these would be it. Combining the fuss-free appeal of the former and the technical fabric of gym wear, these one-piece suits fit the body like second-skin. They suck it all in, making your body look toight – shhh, no one would be able to tell even if you’ve been skipping those workout sessions.

Step into the unitard of your choice and you’re all set for errands day or that long-overdue sweat sesh you’ve been putting off. You might not think it, but if you have somewhere to be, don’t leave your unitard at home – dress it up by throwing on a pair of pants or a structured blazer over to take it from gym to meeting.

From vibrant-hued ones reminiscent of ’80s to fashion-forward nudes, there’s an entire range to take your pick from. So, which is it going to be for you? More Jane Fonda or Kim Kardashian?

Vaara Teddi Cutout Stretch Bodysuit

Tank Air Romeo Bodysuit

Live The Process Orion Bodysuit

Gil Rodriguez Via Olympia Bodysuit

Skims Sculpting Bodysuit

Girlfriend Collective Plum Unitard


Nike Swoosh Unitard

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