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All the Looks You Need in Your Wardrobe From Versace’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Staging its menswear and womenswear show simultaneously for the first time, Versace dialled up on everything from its masculinity, femininity and duh, flamboyance.

Wear Versace anything and everyone who sets their eyes on you would be able to call it from a mile away. The Italian maison’s ability to command attention serves itself best when fashion week comes around the corner. At every Versace showing, we find our eyes glued to the runway. Blink and you’d miss something.

This season, Versace staged both its menswear and womenswear simultaneously for the first time. Presenting the two collections on the same stage, Donatella Versace contemplated the synergy between the two. She described the themes explored in the collection as “hyper-feminine” and “hyper-masculine”. But what we also got was double the flashy.

Despite there being no J.Lo in sight this season, the co-ed presentation still had a tempo to it. Kicking off on the mellower end of things with a slew of black-on-black-on-black looks, the line-up progressed into colour-block combinations of red, blue and green before hitting crescendo with zebra prints, high octane pops of floral and embellished evening wear numbers. From boardroom appropriate pant-suit combinations to badass leather pieces and club-appropriate wear for when you want to take over the job of the disco ball, Versace had all grounds covered.

We have to admit, the sheer breadth of the collection was quite something. Diversifying the range of ready-to-wear seems to be on Versace’s mind as of late. Perhaps, it has something to do with the brand’s signing with Capri Holdings (a multinational fashion conglomerate). Perhaps, it doesn’t. Whatever the reason, we’re just glad to be able to fill our wardrobes with more Versace.

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