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Front Row Access: It’s A Versace, Versace, Versace World

Donatella Versace proves yet again that sportswear and athleticism can still be sexy and opulent as hell. (Plus, a peek at what went on backstage at Piazza Carlo Magno.)

It seems like every designer is dabbling in athleticism these days. But where majority explore its chill and laidback side, Donatella Versace’s brand of athleticism is sexier and powerful. Fast-paced. High velocity.

Scuba suits hug the body like a glove. Nylon is spun into ruched drawstring dresses – a confirmed trend for Spring/Summer 2017 – that revealed plenty of skin. Even the tracksuits looked powerful in leather and paneled nylon and silk. No cotton varieties here – Donatella’s left those for lounging on the couch. The reinterpreted wrestling boots that ended just under the knee looked ready to kick ass. Sign us up for those, puh-lease.

While the checkerboard prints may have referenced racecars, Donatella gave plenty for the girl off the track. There were colour-blocked knit and silk dresses that showed slivers of skin here and there, perfect for days where her girl needs to dress-up without thinking too much. Paired with the aforementioned boots, the collection slowly transforms into the season’s other Versace girl – one who knows how to balance easy, comfortable silhouettes with knockout sexy.

The whole story wasn’t just about sportswear, though. Donatella proves why Versace still holds a steadfast legacy in Milan, decades on, with dresses imbued with the house’s craftsmanship. It ain’t all about slapping the word “Versace” on a t-shirt. One lavender number was composed of five different fabrications. Another dress, also a precise jigsaw of different materials, looked like it had been dipped in a pool of crystals. The penultimate look on Lexi Boling toed the line between chainmail and mermaid. It sparkled, it shone – and it showed skin, skin, skin. Come on, it is still Versace at the end of the day.

What mattered, however, was how easy these dresses looked despite the technicalities involved. The women that walked the runway were sexy, powerful and definitely not to be trifled with – but they were also young and free.


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