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Revisiting Old Hong Kong With Vogue China’s Vogue Me

Me, The Haute Pursuit's Vanessa Hong, old-school karaoke machines and monster fur coats all gather in Hong Kong for a special feature with Vogue Me.

If you were on my Instagram Stories just a few months back, you’d remember seeing The Haute Pursuit’s Vanessa and I dancing in an old-school karaoke joint in Hong Kong. Yes, we were having a bit of fun on our own, but the bigger project at work was a mini shoot with Vogue China’s Vogue Me. And it’s finally out!

The concept behind the shoot is really pretty cool. Firstly, you all know how much I love a good karaoke session and doing it in this old-school karaoke bar just gave all the feels. Standing microphones, drums, big Chinese characters covered in gold glitter, red curtains and fluorescent lighting – everything you’d expect from a traditional place like this.

The feature is also quite special because Vanessa and I share a lot in common. We’re both Cantonese. We both founded and design for our own labels while operating our social media platforms at the same time. It is why we’re wearing pieces from Exhibit and THP Shop in all the shots – they’re fruits of our labour. The shoes are all by Stella Luna.

To see the full feature, scroll through the gallery above. For videos from the set – i.e. Vanessa and I really getting into character – head over to our Facebook page. Thank you Vogue China for the opportunity to showcase our work in such a fun and refreshing way. Until the next one!

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